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Courtney Weaks

Attorney at Law, Albuquerque, NM

Courtney Weaks began her career in the Office of District Attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  During her time at the District Attorney’s office, she handled hundreds of criminal and DWI cases.  Courtney advanced to the Felony DWI division where she handled hundreds more DWI cases.

After leaving the District Attorney, Courtney opened her own law practice where she practiced in the area of criminal and DWI defense, and divorce & family law.  Her experience at the District Attorney’s office and her substantial trial experience there was very valuable in her private defense practice.

Between her time with the District Attorney and her private practice, Courtney has conducted in excess of one hundred criminal and/or DWI trials.  Courtney enjoys court and enjoys going to trial on behalf of her clients.   She will not advise clients to take unfair or unreasonable pleas agreement to avoid trial.

These same traits and experience have proven very beneficial in her divorce and family law practice as well.  Courtney has long been interested in divorce and family law.  Her interest and passion for divorce and family law began in law school at the University of New Mexico School of Law where she received the Excellence in Family Law Award.  She continues to bring the same level of commitment and enthusiasm that earned her that award to her divorce and family law clients today.

Courtney has a commitment to the Albuquerque community.  She has strong commitment to the less advantaged in our community.  While in law school, Courtney volunteered for the Clinical Law Program and the FOCUS program which provided legal assistance to low income and indigent clients.  In her private practice, she handled many public defender clients.


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