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Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects can have devastating consequences for homeowners and their families.  These consequences can be equally and sometimes more disastrous to commercial and business property owners.  Construction defects are both financially and emotionally stressful to homeowners and property owners.  The costs and damages of even minor construction problems can mount pretty rapidly in the absence of a cooperative and responsible builder.

These minor issues often point to larger and more serious construction defects that are simply beyond the financial means of most property owners or homeowners to address on their own.  Unfortunately, these defects will often significantly devalue the property.  On occasion, the construction defects will make the home or property completely unmarketable burdening the property owner with a worthless investment.  For homeowners in particular what began as the homeowner’s greatest asset is now the greatest and seemingly inescapable liability.

There are many builders that will accept responsibility for the construction defects.  There are many others that will not no matter how obvious their liability and fault.  In those cases, it is often necessary to enlist the aid of an attorney.  Collins & Collins, P.C. handles suits for plaintiffs in construction defects cases on behalf of homeowners and homeowner associations.  The firm also handles construction defect cases for commercial, business and institutional property owners.

Due the nature of construction defects, it is important to address the problems early.  What may appear to be a minor and isolated defect can indicate much more serious underlying construction defect issues.  When left unattended, these problems can both lead to more serious harm to the property and jeopardize the property owner’s rights to recovery against the responsible parties.


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