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Interim Division of Income and Expense in New Mexico Divorce Cases

August 17, 2010, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

Depending on the circumstances of a divorce, there can often be months or years that elapse between the time the parties separate and the finalization of the divorce. This delay can be caused by a variety of reasons from the legitimate to the malicious. No matter the reason, the parties‘ debts still need to get […]


What Happens When One Party Dies During a Divorce in New Mexico?

February 11, 2010, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

A variety of complicated emotional and legal issues arise when a person dies. And those issues get even more complicated when the deceased is involved in a pending divorce action. Does one party‘s death end the divorce proceeding? Does the surviving spouse serve as personal representative of the deceased spouse‘s estate? How does the Probate […]


Consequences of a Finding of Domestic Violence in Family Court

December 15, 2009, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

After an alleged victim (the Protected Party) of domestic violence has filed a Petition for Order of Protection and the Temporary Order of Protection has been entered preventing the alleged abuser (the Restrained Party) from any contact with the alleged victim, the court holds hearing to determine whether or not the Petition provides enough information […]


Filing and Defending Domestic Violence Orders of Protection in New Mexico

December 12, 2009, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

A Domestic Violence Order of Protection is a type of restraining order issued to protect victims of domestic violence and abuse, which is authorized by the Family Violence Protection Act. In New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe, anyone can file a Petition for an Order of Protection at the Domestic Violence office […]



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