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DWI Car Accidents

Despite the crackdown on drinking and driving, New Mexico consistently ranks very high nationally for DWI/DUI car accidents.  The State also ranks very high for drunk driving deaths.  Though the DWI problem in New Mexico has made some improvement in recent years with toughened enforcement, the problem still persists.

Far too often, the headlines read of tragic and senseless deaths from DWI accidents.  For every drunk driving fatality that gets the attention of the media, there are many more DWI car crashes that cause very serious personal injuries to innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  And though these may not be quite as horrific as the DWI fatalities that make the headlines, they often have catastrophic consequences for the victims of the DWI driver.

Victims Civil Rights

Those injured by a DWI driver have rights.  There are victim rights units in most of the State’s prosecutor and district attorney offices.  However, there are very strict limits on what can be recovered through the Victim’s Rights Act.  Instead, DWI victims must resort to the civil justice system.

A personal injury lawsuit in the civil justice system can bring some level of recovery.  Though criminal prosecution of DWI drivers will bring some sense of justice to the DWI victim and family, this alone is sorely insufficient to compensate a DWI victim and his or her family for the losses caused by a DWI accident.   Instead, the victim and family needs and should recover financially from the DWI driver.  Through a personal injury lawsuit, the innocent victim can recover a host of damages to compensate for the losses caused by the DWI driver.

In cases of very serious physical injuries or wrongful death, the victims and their families can never be truly fully compensated for the loss either through the criminal justice system or through personal injury lawsuits.  The best that can be done is to bring some measure justice to the reckless DWI drivers who cause these tragic losses.

Like all personal injury cases, there are deadlines that apply to DWI accident lawsuits.  It is important to be aware of these deadlines.  Missing a deadline such as the statute of limitations will bar a claim completely.  If you or a loved one has suffered injuries at the hands of a DWI driver, you should consult with an experience personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your claims.



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