Pocket Guide – VA Medical Malpractice Claims

Pocket Guide - VA Medical Malpractice Claims

This pocket guide has been created as a basic roadmap for veterans and their families harmed by medical negligence while in the care of the VA. Due to the revelations of systemic negligence at the VA, veterans and families need to understand their rights to full and fair compensation for their injuries.

There are many misconceptions surrounding medical malpractice claims against the VA. These are addressed in the guide. There are also numerous rules, laws and deadlines associated with VA claims that must be understood to insure that veterans and their families do not inadvertently forfeit their rights to justice.

The guide is meant to serve as a general overview. It is not intended as legal advice. As is pointed out in the guide itself, medical malpractice claims generally including those against the VA are very complex and difficult. Every individual case must be carefully evaluated and analyzed.

There is a Kindle version as well for $1 which allows for sharing of the book with others if this format is more convenient.

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