Several Common Maternal Health Issues Increase Birth Injury Risks

There are 4 maternal health issues that can increase birth injury risks. They are fairly common with a couple being routine in nature.

They are very well established and acknowledged in the medical field. Medical providers involved in pregnancy, labor and delivery of every kind must be aware of these risks. There is no excuse for ignorance or neglect of these conditions.

Likewise, medical providers have a duty to monitor these conditions along with health of the fetus and the baby to protect the baby from harm. Failure to do so which results in birth injuries to the baby may be medical malpractice.

It is important to know for parents and families. The medical providers will not tell you. If anything, they will conceal any negligence. The result is that families harmed by medical malpractice must typically first seek the assistance of an attorney.

An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help evaluate the case from the initial call to the lawyer’s office, to the attorney review of the medical records, to the expert review of the medical records where it appears to the attorney that medical malpractice occurred.

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