Auto and Truck Accident Case Evaluation

Auto accident and truck accident case evaluation is generally pretty simple, straightforward and fast.  Like all cases, the first step is the free initial case review.  With auto accidents and truck accidents, unlike other areas of the law, the case can often be adequately evaluated at this stage.

If after the free initial case review, it appears that we can help you with your claim, we will contact you for additional information for a more thorough case evaluation.  It is helpful, though not always necessary for an evaluation, to see a police report.   Often the police report is not available for some time after the accident.  In serious accidents, it may be weeks before the police report is finalized and available.

In addition to the police report, medical records related to the accident are very important for a case evaluation.   These records will identify the type and scope of injuries.

If the injured person was transported to the emergency room, there will at least be an ambulance report and emergency room report.  In other cases, the person may not at first recognize the injuries and decline transport and treatment.  This happens frequently and in cases with clear injuries, we can assist the injured party in getting medical care if he or she cannot get it on their own due to a lack of medical insurance.

Unlike some personal injury cases, such as medical malpractice, auto and truck accidents can be evaluated with relative ease.  There are really only two questions. Was the accident the fault of another driver? Did the injured person suffer significant injuries and damages to justify litigation?  Due to the relative factual simplicity of most auto and truck accident cases, these questions can be addressed and evaluated through a relatively simple evaluation process.

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