Bicycle Accident & Injury Prevention

Here are a few simple and well accepted safety tips to consider when sharing the road as a bicyclist:

1)    Always wear a helmet.
2)    Ride with the flow of traffic, on the right side.  Never ride against traffic, as crucial traffic signs might be missed.
3)    Never take for granted that other motorists see you or will yield for you.  Avoid the blind spots of large trucks.
4)    Remain aware of your surroundings and ride defensively.

5)    Never assume that a motorist can stop as quickly as needed, particularly large trucks.
6)    Never attempt to speed past a turning vehicle.  Often large trucks will make wide turns to complete their turns, unaware of a bicyclist passing on their right.
7)    Ensure that your bicycle is in good working order, especially the braking system.
8)    Avoid listening to audio devices while riding as it reduces your environmental and situational awareness (i.e. you will not hear the truck bearing down on you from behind).