Collins & Collins, P.C. believe it is important for clients and potential clients to understand their legal situation and their legal rights.  To this end, we have provided a great deal of information on our site and our legal blogs.

New Mexico Injury Attorney Blog

Our personal injury blog covers a lot of ground on the law surrounding personal injury and wrongful death claims. We address a number of different subcategories in this area such as medical malpractice, auto accidents, slip & fall accidents, nursing home abuse and work related injuries to name a few.

Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Blog

Our criminal law blog covers the law, process and procedure related to criminal charges.  We cover DWI issues alongside the criminal defense issues as the two are very closely related.  In addition, for both DWI and other criminal charges, we cover constitutional rights, procedural rights and defenses to criminal and/or DWI charges.

Veterans Justice Blog

Collins & Collins, P.C. has long been interested in the plight of our soldiers and veterans. Our Veterans Justice Blog explores injustices suffered by veterans at the hands of the VA and discusses possible solutions toward fair and just treatment.

Albuquerque Divorce Lawyer Blog

Our divorce and family law blog covers many aspects of divorce and other family law matters.  In addition to divorce related issues, we cover other issues as well that affect both married and unmarried couples such as child support, child custody and domestic abuse among many other topics.

Because our practice is limited to New Mexico , the blogs focus on New Mexico law.  We try to cover as much as we can.  However, the law is expansive and ever-changing so it is not possible to cover everything.

Every Legal Case is Different, Seek Individualized Legal Guidance

In addition, our articles are general in nature.  They are not meant to guide you in self-representation.

Every legal case is different and requires individual analysis.  Even seemingly straightforward legal issues may become much more complex with each different set of circumstances.   Therefore it is very important that you seek the guidance of an experienced attorney in your particular area of law.

An Attorney is Not Necessary, But Almost Always Beneficial

You never have to have an attorney on any legal matter.  You have a 6th Amendment Right to Counsel in criminal and DWI cases.  However, you are not forced to have an attorney.

Likewise, you never have to have an attorney on any civil matter including personal injury or divorce matters.  However, there are many hazards to representing yourself.  It is not unusual for folks to begin a case on their own only to do irreparable harm to their case and their rights.

Except in very simple legal matters involving not significant rights or legal issues, it generally advisable to have an attorney if you are able.

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