Case Summaries

The case summaries pages that follow will try to summarize as succinctly and clearly as possible important cases in our areas of practice.  We will have separate sections for personal injury law, criminal defense & DWI defense, and divorce & family lawCriminal defense and DWI defense, though highly related in terms of law, procedure and rights, will be treated separately for organizational purposes.

We will be concentrating on New Mexico cases.  However, we will also address cases from the United States Supreme Court.  In personal injury cases, we will address cases from thee 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  We will not address 10th Circuit cases in our other areas of practice since our federal court practice is limited to personal injury law.

The cases will be in organized by subject matter and reverse chronological order (i.e. the newest cases will be on top).  In order to facilitate search of the cases, we will provide a brief summary of the subject matter in the title of the case.  You will find that all cases will be listed at the bottom of each practice area page.  This should help you to find cases that might be pertinent to your case.

Keep in mind that the great majority of cases will be criminal defense and DWI defense related.  This is not a product of our practice area focus but rather a result of the fact that these cases most often reach the appellate level for review.  Cases dealing with personal injury law and divorce & family law are far less common at the appellate level and the breadth of cases addressed here will reflect that.

In reading these summaries, keep in mind that they are only brief summaries that should be used as a guide to the cases that might be relevant to your own case.  There is no substitute for reading the entire case.  Most cases are highly fact specific and a simple summary of the findings will rarely tell the whole story of the case.

More than this, keep in mind that there is no substitute for the guidance of an experienced attorney.  Cases can be challenging to read and interpret even for seasoned attorneys.  The challenge is much greater for those not trained and experienced in the law.  In short, these summaries like the rest of our website are meant to provide an overview of the law and to help you to understand the processes.  Nothing here is meant as legal advice nor is it intended to provide a basis for you to proceed in your case on your own.

It is rarely if ever advisable to proceed in a legal case of any kind without an attorney.  It is best to contact an attorney as early as possible no matter what kind of case you have.  Delay can often affect your rights.  In some cases, delay can bar your rights completely.


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