Chemical Restraint of Child Refugees Separated from Parents

Chemical restraints are typically associated with nursing homes. As far as I know, the United States government has never used them on children, until now. A Los Angeles Times article has revealed that the United States government is allowing the use of chemical restraints on refugee children separated from their parents at the border. There is no end it seems to the atrocities that the Trump administration will commit to cater to its White Nationalists core.  However, the medical accomplices can be stopped.

What are Chemical Restraints?

Chemical restraint in the nursing home setting is the use of drugs, often dangerous, to sedate and immobilize nursing home residents. It makes life easier for nursing home staff. It is also medical malpractice. Its medical malpractice in the nursing home setting. It is most certainly medical malpractice for any medical professional to give these dangerous drugs to children.

In a nursing home, chemical restraints are used so staffing can be minimized. It’s a profit driven practice. It’s much easier to manage residents when they can’t move.  The same holds true with what’s happening now with refugee children. In the case of refugee children, the practice is even more horrendous. Chemical restraints on refugee children are most assuredly used to keep the children immobile and quiet. After all, what border control agent or their accomplices to this very dark practice want to hear crying babies?

What Can be Done? Sue Them!

It seems that Trump is untouchable in the age of Republican control of the nation. However, the medical providers are not. They are subject to the same medical standards as every other doctor or medical provider. This means they are subject to medical malpractice claims just as any other doctor that instigates harm on a patient, or in this case, an innocent child.

Any doctor or other medical provider that takes part in these atrocities can and should be held accountable. In short, if a child is harmed by these practices which most assuredly will be the case with chemical restraints, sue the medical providers that participate in the practice. But don’t stop there, file complaints with whatever medical review board that is available in the state where the medical providers are licensed.

History Will Judge these Medical Professionals We Cannot Wait for History

The Nazi’s provided doctors for their residents as well.  In fact, the doctors themselves perpetrated some of the greatest crimes against humanity that occurred under the Nazi regime. Any medical professional that participates in the chemical restraint of refugee children under the Trump and Sessions regime is guilty of crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, it is very hard if not impossible to bring these kinds of cases in the U.S.  Medical malpractice cases are difficult, but they are doable and they are winnable.

Medical professionals are committing these atrocities now.   Innocent children are being harmed now.  There is no time to wait for history to judge them.  Fortunately, we need not wait.  What we can do as a legal profession and society is hold these abhorrent human beings to account.

How so?  Sue them.  Sue often.  Perhaps, this will discourage like-minded medical professionals.