Child Support Resources

Child Support Issues –  Helpful Resources

There are a number of governmental and private resources in New Mexico  that can be very helpful in learning about and addressing child support issues.  These resources can be useful for both parents.  They are particularly helpful for those parents that cannot afford an attorney.

If you are facing child support issues, no matter which side you are on, these resources can be a useful place to start.  A few of the resources provide free or low cost legal assistance.

If you are facing child support issues, it is important to address them right away.  Delaying or ignoring the problem never helps and can make the situation far worse.

New Mexico State Agencies

NM Health & Human Services
P.O. Box 2348 
Santa Fe, NM  87504-2348

NM Health & Human Services provides information regarding application and collection of child support, as well as establishing paternity and enforcing child support court orders.  The website provides links for state guidelines, statutes and worksheets.  They also provide an online portal to apply for and manage child support payments.  An arrears management program is also available to help parents catch up should they fall behind.  Field offices are located throughout the state and an interactive map is included.

 NM Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED)

Child Support Enforcement Division 
P.O. Box 25110
 Santa Fe, NM 87504
(800) 288-7207 – Toll Free From Within New Mexico
(800) 585-7631 – Toll Free From Outside New Mexico

NM Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) is a division within NM Health & Human Services.  The website supplies general information concerning child support, medical support and a guideline calculator.  Registered users can gain access to case specifics including status, payments and updating options.


Private Organizations

The organizations below offer free or low cost legal assistance for those folks that qualify.  They are a very good place to start if your financial resources do not allow your to hire a private attorney.

NM Legal Aid
301 Gold Avenue, SW
P.O. Box 25486
 Albuquerque, NM 87125-5486
(505) 243-7871
(866) 416-1922

NM Legal Aid provides an online application for family law services to New Mexico residents that qualify.  Eligibility is based on several factors, including an income guideline that specifies a family’s gross income cannot be more than 200% above federal poverty guidelines.  They also offer pro se (self-representation) divorce clinics at the Albuquerque office twice a month to low-income people who are eligible.

 New Mexico Family Legal Assistance Group (formerly Legal Facs)

924 Lomas Ave. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 256-0417

New Mexico Family Legal Assistance Group assists low-income New Mexico residents that are self-represented in family law matters.  The income eligibility requires participants to fall within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.  The website has a link for downloading legal forms and seeking assistance from volunteer attorneys.  Those that qualify can receive help in completing legal documents, as well as notary and copying services.  A small fee may be charged or waived depending on circumstances.

 Law Help New Mexico

Law Help New Mexico is strictly a website hosted by New Mexico Legal Aid.  There are links to New Mexico courts, legal topics, free forms and other legal resources.

 Law Access New Mexico

(505) 998-4529 Albuquerque
(800) 340-9771 Statewide

Law Access New Mexico provides legal help to low-income New Mexico residents with a variety of legal issues, including child support.  They have a phone advice line with Spanish interpreters available.  The website has a resource that specifically explains frequently asked questions regarding child support in both English and Spanish versions, as well as a self-help form instruction page.  There is also a link to the NM State Judiciary Self Representation website with access to a child support worksheet.


Child Support Worksheet – Self-Calculation of Child Support

NM State Judiciary Self Representation Website
 – Family Law – Child Support Worksheet

The NM State Judiciary Self Representation website walks interested parties through a child support worksheet based on several questions including gross monthly income, custody arrangements, work related child care, medical and dental expenses, etc.  The result is a monthly child support payment calculation with the responsible parent identified.

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