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You will find below a number of useful links.  Many of these are organizations outside of Collins & Collins, P.C. that offer domestic violence services and resources.  We have also provided links to additional resources available through our website and blogs.  Hopefully, these will prove helpful in your search for information, resources and help with your domestic violence situation.

Collins & Collins, P.C. related links:

Outside Links and Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence:

The Neutral Corner.  This link provides access to supervised visitation and exchange services for parents and children impacted by domestic violence.

Safe Zone 4 Children & Families.  This link offers access to supervised child exchanges and visitations for those affected by domestic violence, as well as counseling, coaching, domestic abuse education and anger management programs.

New Mexico Family Education Center.  This link provides classes in appropriate discipline, anger management, self-care for parents and resolving conflict, as well as access to support groups, mediation and counseling services.

CARE:  Companion Animal Rescue Effort.  This link gives access to a network of safe, confidential, temporary homes for animals of those affected by domestic violence.  Safe environments can be provided for basic domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, as well as livestock and exotic breeds.  CARE also educates the community about the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty.

Albuquerque Metropolitan Court Central Intake.  This link provides a single point of entry for the assessment of those seeking outpatient substance abuse treatment, then offers referrals to city-wide treatment providers.

Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center.
This link is a multi-agency resource that assists victims of domestic violence with access to victim advocates, financial aid, legal assistance, emergency medical personnel, as well as navigating the legal system and law enforcement agencies.

State of New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Dept.  This link provides a map with listings for close to 40 non-profit agencies that offer support and/or shelter services to families affected by domestic violence.

New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  This link involves an organization that provides a voice for victims of domestic violence, by helping to develop public policy, advocating for positive social change, and educating the community about domestic violence, as well as providing resources and links.

New Mexico Domestic Violence Leadership Commission. – This link provides victims of domestic violence with a New Mexico Resource Book with additional links to law enforcements, courts and state agencies, as well as a list of domestic violence service providers.

Crime Victim Services.  This link is offered by the New Mexico Attorney General and makes available a victim’s services advocate to victims and their families during the criminal appeals process.

An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection.  This link provides resources for support and guidance to victims of domestic violence, as well as a list of domestic violence advocates by county.  They also list statistics by state and offer educational resources, including the civil and criminal court processes, the victims’ bill of rights, and possible restitution and/or compensation options.

City of Albuquerque – Domestic Violence Information.  This link outlines the warning signs involved in domestic violence or battering behavior.  It also provides a list of phone numbers of resources for victims in the Albuquerque area.

New Mexico Domestic Violence Benchbook.  This is a link to a manual that supplies a thorough overview of domestic violence behavior, causes and consequences, as well as an outline of the civil order of protection process, dissolution of marriage, child custody, child abuse, and sentencing options for offenders.

Second Judicial District Court – Domestic Violence Division.  This link provides information for filing protection orders in cases of either threatened or actual abuse by those involved in domestic relationships.  It lists those who qualify and the functions of a protection order, as well as frequently asked questions and community services.

United States Department of Justice – Office for Victims of Crime.  This link was created to bring awareness to the impact of crime and outline victim’s rights, as well as provide resources to actual victims and those working with them or volunteering on their behalf.  It also contains information in Spanish.

Office for Victims of Crime – Domestic and Family Violence.  This link contains publications, resource links, frequently asked questions, and a discussion forum concerning domestic relationship abuse.  There is also a victim advocacy link.

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