Family Law Resources

State of New Mexico Family Law Resources

The State of New Mexico has some very useful resources for those facing divorce, child custody, support and domestic violence issues. You can find many resources a the NM State Judiciary Self Representation Website Family Law

This is a pretty good place to get started for both those who will be obtaining legal counsel and those that cannot.

Public Access Legal Information Websites

The Cornell University School of Law’s Legal Information Institute  at Cornell Family Law Resources has a variety of extremely helpful legal resources in every area of the law including family law. This is a very helpful place to get started and will lead you to other resources as well.

There are many other publicly accessible legal information sites as well such as, and to name just a few of the top resources.

New  Mexico Child Support Enforcement Division

Child support can be daunting for both those paying and those receiving support. As you may know by now, it is often very difficult to get answers through the child support hotline. The best place to start is often at the Child Support Enforcement website.

Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) has a great deal of information on their website.  The site has information for parties to child support, including applications, case tracking, and frequently asked questions.  The information can be found at Child Support Enforcement Division of New Mexico

It is good place to begin your understanding of the child support laws and processes in case of unpaid child support.  It is a very valuable resource not only for learning about the topic but also the collection of support in cases where you cannot afford private legal representation, CSED is a great resource.  

Collins & Collins, P.C. Divorce and Family Law Blog

We have attempted to provide a good introduction to all of the issues surrounding divorce and family law here on our site.  We have quite a bit of additional and more expansive reading on divorce and family law at our New Mexico Divorce and Family Law blog.


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