Military Divorce

 Albuquerque and its environs are home to more than one unit of the United States Air Force. Kirtland Air Force Base, home of the 377th Air Base Wing, employs over 23,000 people, including more than 3000 active duty and over 1100 Guard and Reserve personnel. In addition, there are over 3,400 Civil Service personnel, 300 non-appropriated fund employees and more than 12,500 contractors. In addition to the active duty military personnel assigned to Kirtland AFB there are many veterans. The percentage of residents of Bernalillo County who are veterans stood at 11.7%. Overall, there were 177,041 veterans living in the State of New Mexico.

Military Personnel Have Higher than Average Divorce Rate

For those who serve our country, the costs of service can often prove too difficult to bear alone. Frequently, our soldiers and veterans may require assistance. One of the costs of military service, sadly, is a heightened chance of divorce or alienation from one’s significant other(s), including children. According to the RAND Corporation, for military couples married prior to 9\11 and who subsequently deployed to the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan for periods of twelve months or longer, the rate of divorce was 28% higher. While the incidence of divorce in our Armed Forces began to decrease after 2010, military personnel still experience higher rates than members of the general population. the Branch of Service with the highest rate of divorce was the Air Force, with an over 4.6% rate.

Female Military Personnel Returning from Deployment are Particularly Vulnerable to Divorce

Divorce and separation rates for female military personnel who have deployed overseas are higher than those of their male counterparts. Women who are serving-or have served—in our military often experience a variety of difficulties that may be somewhat different than men; higher rates of unemployment and accessing a variety of services, among others.  If you are currently separated from your spouse and it looks like you may be undergoing a divorce it is imperative that you do your research consider your options well.  Obtaining sound advice and securing competent counsel is the single, most important consideration.

Self Reliance/Self Help Commendable but Not Typically Advisable in a Military  Divorce

Navigating our legal system can prove an onerous process and the difficulties multiply for those who are also dealing with the aftermath of long deployments away from home. Soldiers are self-reliant and resilient, by training, so they tend to try their best to resolve issues on their own; however, it would be ill-advised to attempt to navigate our civil legal system while pursuing a divorce without competent legal counsel. Early, quality representation from an experienced and reputable law firm is often the wisest course of action.

Experience Family Law Counsel is Advised

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