DWI/DUI Hotspots: Police to Use Mapping to Establish DWI/DUI Checkpoints

The DWI Resource Center has utilized six years of crash data to map DWI/DUI hotspots around Albuquerque. The mapping technology identifies frequency, locations, time periods, dates, days of the week, and even holidays to determine the highest DWI/DUI risks for any particular day.

Law enforcement representatives are very excited about the potential for the technology for identifying DWI/DUI drivers. Law enforcement plans to use the data to set up DWI/DUI checkpoints in the near future.

Though the mapping technology has not been fully implemented, 12 New Mexico agencies have begun utilizing the program in the past month.

The 10 worst intersections over the Labor Day weekend have been identified and published illustrating the applications of the technology:

1. Wyoming Blvd, NE & Constitution Ave, NE
2. San Mateo Blvd, NE & Pan American East Highway, NE
3. Griegos Road, NW & 2nd St., NW
4. Pan American East Highway, NE & Montgomery Blvd, NE
5. Pennsylvania St, NE & Montgomery Blvd, NE
6. Irving Blvd, NW & Coors Blvd, NW
7. San Mateo Blvd, NE & Montgomery Blvd, NE
8. Louisiana Blvd, NE & Central Ave, NE
9. Wyoming Blvd, NE & Menaul Blvd, NE
10. Osuna Rd, NE & Jefferson St, NE

You can bet that there will be a DWI/DUI checkpoint at these intersection in the weeks to come. DWI/DUI in Albuquerque is taken very seriously in . The mapping technology will continue to identify other high risk areas.

As the technology and its use is perfected, it will be very risky to hit the road after a few drinks. Driving drunk will require a great deal more strategic planning for the drunk driver. Unfortunately, this sort of foresight is often lacking while under the influence of alcohol.

In short, it‘s not worth the risk. Don‘t drink and drive. The Consequences of DWI/DUI conviction are just too great. And the risks of detection just got higher.


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