Important Deadlines in Personal Injury Cases

There are a number of important deadlines in personal injury cases.  They can vary depending on the nature of the defendant.   These deadlines are firm and non-negotiable.  If an injured person misses these deadlines, no matter how badly they are injured, his or her claims are barred by law.

The first critical deadline can be as little as 90 days in personal injury actions against state, county and local government.  Suits against these entities occur far more frequently than one might think.  Perhaps most common are medical malpractice claims against state, county, local or university hospitals or other medical facilities.  

Auto accidents are another common governmental claim.  There are countless governmental drivers on the road.  Like other drivers, they are prone to get involved in accidents.   This is perhaps especially true in the case of bus accidents.  City buses and school buses hit our streets in mass every morning.  The passengers are at a much higher risk of injury in a bus accident due to lack of passenger restraints.  Pedestrians and other drivers are more likely to face very serious injuries as a matter of physics.

There are many other ways that a person might be injured as a result of the negligence of governmental employees, agents or programs.  These are too numerous to name  The important point is to make sure to identify whether or not a governmental entity is involved.  This is not always as straightforward as it might seem.  The assistance of a personal injury attorney may be required just for this simple first step. 

Please keep in mind also that many personal injury attorneys, including Collins & Collins, P.C., will not take a case with few exceptions when these deadlines are about to run.  Delay in addressing claims may make it very difficult to obtain legal assistance.  Missing these deadlines will bar the claims completely.

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