Judge Assignment

Upon filing the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, the case will be assigned to a family court judge.  You have the right to excuse the first assigned judge for any reason whatsoever though a Peremptory Right of Recusal.  There are some judges that are better for certain kinds of cases, and not others.  Some judges will enforce the rules of the Court, and the rules of procedure very strictly.  This has the advantage of moving the case along without litigation abuse by either party.  The disadvantage is the flip-side of that coin in that these judges will not tolerate violations of the rules.

You should know what kind of case you have.  You should also decide what kind of judge you want for your case.  If it is a low conflict case, a more relaxed judge might be preferable.  If it is a high conflict case and assuming you will abide by the rules, the stricter judge is preferable.   Relaxed judges in a high conflict case can result in a case that has no end as one or both of the parties completely ignore the rules of procedure and the rules of the court with no consequences for their misbehavior.

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