Health Care Negligence Resources

There are numerous resources available for those suffering abuse, neglect or medical negligence in New Mexico.  Below are a few of the most helpful.  If you do not find what you are looking for on one of these websites, you can narrow it down to what is most relevant and call them for additional contacts.

Health Insight New Mexico (formerly: New Mexico Medical Review Association)
(505) 998-9898 

For Medicare beneficiaries who have concerns about the quality or appropriateness of the health care they have received, please either call the HealthInsight New Mexico Helpline at 1-800-663-6351 or write to 5801 Osuna Road NE, Suite 200 – Albuquerque, NM  87109.  Ask for a “quality of care review,” and a nurse or case review manager will send a packet of information with complaint and consent forms.  Medical records will be requested and an independent physician will issue a decision based on whether or not the medical provider met particular standards of care.

New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Dept.
(505) 476-4799

The New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department has a number of valuable resources available for the elderly and others in long-term care facilities available on their Resources and Services page.  It is worth viewing their site if you are having issues.  If immediate safety is a concern, then you should contact one of the divisions below right away.

1.      Adult Protective Services Division

For persons over the age of 18 and unable to protect themselves, call the toll-free number above to report any neglect, abuse or exploitation.  This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A caseworker will be assigned to investigate and address urgent safety needs.  They may also involve other agencies like judicial services, law enforcement, health care providers and behavioral health specialists.

2.      Long-Term Care Ombudsman
1-866-451-2901 Santa Fe and Northeastern New Mexico
1-866-842-9230 Albuquerque and Northwestern New Mexico
1-800-762-8690 Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico

If you or someone you know if is not receiving proper treatment at a long-term care facility, contact the toll-free number above for the area where the alleged abuse is occurring.  An advocate will be assigned at no cost to investigate complaints, help resolve concerns, and ensure that vulnerable adults, including adult with disabilities, receive quality of care.

New Mexico Attorney General
(505) 827-6000

For complaints involving criminal allegations against health care providers, go to and download a complaint form and submit it to the Criminal Investigations Division at 111 Lomas Blvd., Suite 300 – Albuquerque, NM  87102. 

New Mexico Department of Health
(505) 827-2613

The New Mexico Department of Health website has many valuable links and resources.  Below are those that are most relevant for those in a situation involving abuse, neglect or medical negligence.

 1.      Incident Management Bureau for Vulnerable Individuals
(800) 445-6242

For individuals being served in community programs funded by the Developmentally Disabled State General Fund, the Developmentally Disabled Waiver and/or Medically Fragile Waiver programs, including those who have traumatic brain injuries, complaints for incidents of neglect, abuse and/or exploitation can be reported to (800) 445-6242.  An incident report form can also be downloaded at and submitted on-line.

2.      Health Facility Licensing & Certification Bureau (HFL&C)
Division of Health Improvement
Health Facility Licensing & Certification Bureau
(800) 752-8649
(505) 476-9025

Health facilities include nursing homes, hospice care, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, dialysis centers, community health and mental health clinics, personal care boarding homes, and group homes for persons with developmental disabilities. To report neglect, abuse and/or exploitation, as well as any other complaint involving a health facility in New Mexico, call (505) 476-9025 or toll free at (800) 752-8649.  You can also download an Incident Report Form and either submit a complaint on-line or through e-mail at 

New Mexico Medical Board
(505) 476-7220

This board is limited to discipline involving medical doctors, naprapaths, physician assistants, anesthesiology assistants, sleep techs, and genetic counselors.  If you believe a provider that practices in one of these fields has violated the Medical Malpractice Act or Board Regulations, or poses a danger to public safety, a complaint can be filed at  Complaints must be submitted in writing and contain an original signature.  Complaints can be submitted anonymously; however, such a complaint will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Board to determine its validity.

New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department
(505) 476-4622

To file a complaint against any board represented by this department as outlined below, for alleged professional and/or ethical violations, go to and click on the “How Do I” function at the top of the page.  You will then be directed to a “Complaints and Disciplinary Actions” page.

You can find out if there are any disciplinary actions filed, as well as how to file a complaint.  Click on the “Boards and Commissions” link and print out the complaint form.  Follow the instructions as required and have the statement of complaint notarized, then mail the form to the Boards and Commissions Division, New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department – Toney Anaya Building – 2550 Cerrillos Road – Santa, Fe, NM  87505.  A call can be made to (505) 476-4622 to find out the status of a complaint once it has been filed.

1.      New Mexico Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
(505) 476-4630
 2.      New Mexico Board of Chiropractic
(505) 476-4695

 3.      New Mexico Board of Dental Health Care
(505) 476-4680
4.      New Mexico Massage Therapy Board
(505) 476-4870
5.      New Mexico Board of Nursing Home Administrators
(505) 476-4622
6.      New Mexico Board of Examiners for Occupational Therapy
(505) 476-4940
7.      New Mexico Board of Optometry
(505) 476-4622
8.      New Mexico Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
(505) 476-4950
9.      New Mexico Physical Therapy Board 
(505) 476-4880
10.  New Mexico Board of Podiatry
(505) 476-4622
11.  New Mexico Respiratory Care Advisory Board
(505) 476-4965
 U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
(301) 427-1364

If you believe you have suffered either a civil rights or a privacy violation in regard to your health care, you can file a complaint at  This page contains a link to the “Office of Civil Rights” (OCR) portal, where a complaint can be filed electronically.

Written complaints can be completed by downloading the “Rights Discrimination Complaint Form Package.”  The package must be sent to the regional office where the alleged violation occurred.  The website contains a list of Regional Office addresses and the states they serve.

(505) 242-5958