Medical Negligence Resources for New Mexico Patients and Families

Medical Malpractice Claims are About Responsibility to PatientsThe scope of preventable medical error is almost too large to believe.  Sadly, patients cannot entirely rely on their medical providers to protect them from unnecessary harm.  Worse yet, even when patients do their best to work with their medical providers to avoid error, preventable errors still occur as result of medical negligence.

We have created patient safety resources for those hoping to avoid these often tragic errors as well as those who have already suffered from them. The scope of the problem will illustrate the necessity of consulting these types of resources both to prevent and to respond to preventable medical error.

Scope of the Problem

It is estimated that up to 440,000 Americans are killed each year by preventable medical error.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 hospital patients suffer a medical error while in the hospital. It is safe to assume that the numbers on serious and permanent injuries from medical error are exponentially higher than the deaths.

These numbers make preventable medical error the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. trailing only cancer and heart disease. Preventable medical error is far and away the leading cause of accidental death.

Protect Yourself!

Unfortunately, patients and their families cannot entirely rely on their medical providers to protect them.  On the other hand, there are fortunately many resources to help patients and their families to protect themselves from medical error.

We have compiled a number of resources for patients and families to consult prior to and during medical care. The resources go from general reading to more specific resources related to specific illness.

Our Patient Safety Resources page is by no means a comprehensive list but it should get you headed in the right direction. Depending on your circumstances, it will hopefully lead you to reading most relevant and helpful to your situations.

Take Action if Your or a Loved One is Harmed by Medical Negligence

Unfortunately, preventive action to protect yourself is often either too late or ineffective despite your best efforts. It should not surprise you to know that despite all the reading that you do and the proactive measures that you take to protect yourself or a loved one, preventable errors still occur.

Worse yet, there are medical providers that have no interest in your input into your care. It is not too uncommon for medical providers to flat ignore concerns of patients and families thereby overlooking obvious medical conditions until it is too late to prevent harm or wrongful death.

Our Health Care Negligence Resources page provides a number of links to governmental and regulatory agencies. If you have been harmed by medical negligence, it might be helpful to review these various resources to help in your particular situation.

Seek Legal Guidance

In case of harm or wrongful death resulting from medical negligence, you should seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in medical malpractice claims.

Because of the many challenges, requirements and deadlines associated with New Mexico medical malpractice claims, it is important to do this immediately. Waiting can seriously harm and even bar your chances at recovery.

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