New Mexico Courts

Like all states, New Mexico has a network of local, county, state and federal courts.

Most of the major New Mexico municipalities such as Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe have a mix of municipal, magistrate and state district courts.  For instance, Albuquerque Metropolitan (Metro) Court serves both as municipal and magistrate court.  On the other hand Rio Rancho and Santa Fe each have separate municipal and magistrate courts.

Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe all have state district courts.  Albuquerque has the larges district court in the state, the Second Judicial District Court.  Rio Rancho has the Thirteenth Judicial District Court and Santa Fe has the First Judicial District Court.

The main U.S. Federal District Court is located in downtown Albuquerque adjacent to both the Second Judicial District Court and the Metro Court.  Though the main offices are in Albuquerque, the Federal District Court also has locations in Santa Fe, Las Cruces and Roswell.

There are numerous considerations that will determine where your case will be heard.  These include the type of case, the size of the case, and the parties involved among other considerations.  In most cases, the jurisdiction in fairly straightforward.  In others, such as personal injury, it can become more complicated and contested.

Collins & Collins, P.C. practices in local, county, state and federal courts throughout New Mexico.  However, we do limit our practice to certain types of cases in each.  Our areas of practice limit the types of case we will take.  In addition, attorney fees and costs to the client will often make representation in some cases and locales financially inadvisable for the client.

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