Personal Injury Case Evaluation

The personal injury case evaluation begins with a free initial case review.

Every Case Reviewed by at Least One Attorney

Every case in one of our practice areas is reviewed by at least one attorney. We cannot provide legal assistance for matters outside our practice areas.  However, for those calls or other inquiries outside our practice areas, we try to provide a helpful referral to somebody who can help.

Personal Injury Matters Typically Reviewed by More than One Attorney

With personal injury matters, there are generally at least two attorneys that will review the initial information provided by a prospective client.   If we determine that it is case where we can offer help after the initial case review, we will collect additional information for a more thorough case evaluation.

Information Needed for Review Dictated by Type of Case

The type of case will dictate the kind and amount of information required to evaluate a case.  Some cases, such as auto accidents and slip and fall cases, can be evaluated fairly easily and inexpensively.    Other cases, such as medical malpractice and products liability, often require large amounts of information, case histories, supporting documents and research to determine if there is a case.   In addition, these cases will typically require the hiring of very expensive expert witnesses just to determine if there is a case.

With run of the mill personal injury cases such as auto accidents, the case evaluation process is relatively fast and simple.  With more complex cases, such as medical malpractice and products liability, the evaluation can take months.  As a result, there are many cases that we simply cannot consider due to pending deadlines or statutes of limitation, or because the time and costs of the evaluation are too great in consideration of the information that we have been provided.

More Information on Case Review

The related reading pages below will address the case evaluation process for a variety of personal injury matters as well as our firm’s general case review and evaluation process.  Hopefully, this information will help you to understand the process so that you may make informed legal decisions moving forward.

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