Felony Charges

Felony charges are very serious and carry harsh possible consequences.  If you are reading this, you or a loved one are probably facing a very tough situation.

Choosing your legal defense team is an important decision and should be considered carefully. You should select a legal team that will vigorously assert your rights and defenses to insure the optimal outcome of your case.

It is important that you  also understand the challenges to come.  To fully understand your legal situation, it is important that you seek legal guidance from an attorney.  It may also be helpful to read up on the issues yourself.

Learn About Your Charges

We have provided quite a bit of information here on our Criminal Law Pages as well as on our New Mexico Criminal Law Blog.

There are a number of other good legal resources as well to read up on the law, processes and defenses to felony charges such as Nolo, Justia, Legal Information Institute, and Findlaw to name just a few.  Understanding what is to come may help to ease some of the stress of the situation while also allowing you make informed decisions moving forward.

It is very important that you understand your rights, the process, the possible consequences and the defenses to your charges.  We hope that the information provided on the pages that follow will help you to understand your situation a little better.

Each Case is Different and Requires Individualized Analysis

We understand that every case is unique and yours is no different.  The information provided here is general in nature and may not fully address your own situation.

We will be glad to review the facts of your particular case to determine if we can assist you.  You can contact us online with our form submission or chat functions or by phone at (505) 242-5958.

Deadlines May Apply

There are a number of important deadlines that come up and these depend on the stage of the criminal charges against you.  Depending on your circumstances, there may be early opportunities to defend against your charges.

However, a number of them do have deadlines.  Some of these deadlines come early and missing them can have serious consequences for your case.  Do not delay in calling an experienced New Mexico criminal defense attorney. Delay can result in missed opportunities for your defense.

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