Radiologist Incompetent to Give Medical Advice

Radiologists are getting a pretty bad rap in the news these days, and for good reason. There is one that is hell-bent on killing millions of Americans. The health, physical and economic, of our country and the world is relying on a radiologist for public health advice. This is quite odd given the fact that doctors for whom they work cannot and should not entirely place their reliance on radiologists even for radiology. To do so puts them at risk of a justifiable lawsuit.

Radiology is Glorified Photography

Radiologist take pictures. There are a few differences between a radiologist and a photographer. First, the photography equipment of radiologists is far more sophisticated and expensive than the typical camera. The second relates to the first. Radiologists take pictures of the inside of a person, the other takes pictures of the outside. When trained and competent, both radiologists and photographers are able to see things in those photographs that others who are not trained cannot see. Which leads to the third difference, a typical camera is not programmed to do much of the work of the photographer including the aforesaid identification of elements within the photograph. In fact, radiology is perhaps the only field of medicine where the equipment itself is far more important than the doctor.

Don’t Get Medical Care from a Photographer or a Radiologist

Radiologist do not give medical advice. They take pictures and consult with the treating physicians. The physicians decide what to do with the information garnered from the pictures taken by the radiologist.

Nobody would ever go to a photographer for medical care. Likewise, nobody but a fool would ever go to a radiologist for medical care. Yet, now the White House is relying on a radiologist to address an out of control deadly pandemic. Unfortunately, that means the rest of us are also relying on a radiologist for our own health and lives, and that of our loved ones.

Doctors Get Sued for Relying Entirely on a Radiologist Even for Reading Radiology Results

Unlike radiologist and photographers, doctors are trained to treat illness. Doctors are also trained to read radiology studies such as MRI’s, CT’s and X-rays. In fact, they are expected to catch the obvious errors of their radiologist.

For instance, an oncologist (cancer specialist) would be putting herself at enormous risk of a lawsuit if the oncologist relied entirely on the a radiologist to to diagnose cancer. An oncologist can and should expect to be sued if the she fails to thoroughly review the radiology results herself. When a clear indication of cancer is missed, the oncologist will not later be able to escape liability by saying it was the radiologist’ fault even if it was. Look it up for yourself to see the number of lawsuits brought against radiologists and the doctors that rely upon them for failures to properly read the radiology results. Fortunately, almost all doctors do read the radiology themselves and often catch errors.

Radiologist are Not Fit to Advise on Pandemics

Just because someone calls himself a doctor does not mean you should base health decisions on his advice. Can you imagine going to a Ph.D. in history, a “doctor” for a deadly pandemic? But wait, a Ph.D. in history would probably be better suited to discuss deadly pandemics than most radiologists having taken the time to study past pandemics. A Ph.D. in history might well know that herd immunity is an insanely irresponsible and dangerous approach to a pandemic. By way of hypothetical, let’s take Dr. X, Ph.D, Professor of History for an example. Dr. X as a Professor of History who has studied the history of public health would be able to say with great confidence and truth that herd immunity is the stupidest approach to a deadly pandemic that even a high school photography student could come up with.

Call a doctor not a photographer, historian or a radiologist for medical advice especially when the health and lives of you, your loved ones and the world hangs on that advice. That includes advice on pandemics.

Call a Lawyer if Your Doctor Relies Entirely on a Radiologist for Your Cancer Treatment

If you have discovered that you have suffered from undiagnosed cancer or other deadly disease that has progressed to the state that it can no longer be treated, call a lawyer. The failure to diagnose the cancer in a timely manner almost certainly involves a failure to properly read the radiology. In fact, failure to diagnose breast cancer is a top reason for medical malpractice claims. Your treating doctor will be held liable for the ineptitude of the radiologist and the failure of the doctor to properly catch that ineptitude. But don’t forget about the incompetent radiologist that took the pictures and failed to properly analyze them. He or she too will be liable.

I don’t know the remedy for dealing with the Radiologist in Chief for the deadly stupid advice that he is giving. All Americans, and the world for that matter, will suffer from it if the White House continues to follow it. The only remedy really for this particular variety of medical malpractice is voting. So start there.

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