Secured Bond – Real Property Bond

If you own your home or if a friend or relative is willing to put their home up as collateral, you may be able to post your bail bond using real estate. This option has a few advantages. For one, some people try to obtain home equity loans to post a cash bail, and they are required to pay interest on these loans. By putting up the house itself, they save the money they would have paid in interest. It also frees up your cash (or your family‘s) to pay your legal costs or living expenses.

One downside of a real property bond is that it takes more time to secure and can delay your release from jail.  In order to post a real property bond, there are a number of steps necessary.  First and foremost, the defendant must prove ownership and equity in the property sufficient to secure the bond.  In addition and related to the first, the market value of the real property must be established.  This all takes time, and the defendant will not be released until the paperwork is in order.

In a case like this, where the defendant or his family/friends put their home on the line, failure to appear can be financially devastating.   In high bond cases, this may unfortunately be the only option or than mortgaging the home which has perhaps greater costs.  The alternative is to sit it out in jail until the case has concluded.

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