Smart Cars, Hapless Drivers and Highway Carnage Coming to a Road Near You!

As the New Mexico Legislature considers making texting while driving a crime through House Bill 197, the auto industry ramps up the technology to allow drivers to do just that. And much, much more!

Ford in particular seems to be leading the way on mobile communications technology but others will surely follow. Ford Sync will allow drivers to sync up with all their communications and social media apps. Drivers will be able to check their texts messages, email, calendars, and newsfeeds. Presumably, there will be the ability to respond as well including updating the driver‘s schedule.

With each and every new feature will come new and dangerously escalating levels of distraction. Long gone are the days when the worst driving distractions were lost french fries and lipstick. Now all the frustration and confusion of the smartphone, the computer, cable television, channel surfing, social media and more will be brought to the dashboard of our and our fellow driver‘s cars.

Rest assured, these features will not come cheap. Auto manufacturers are not, or least their mission is not in the business of losing money. They will profit at the expense of the safety of drivers. Unfortunately, those that choose not to jump at this technology will still be exposed to the hazards of those that do.

In the end, the auto industry will make money. And with will surely be a significant rise in auto accidents caused by the distractions, they will scream for tort reform and liability limits when cars start piling up on our roads. They will scream for market freedom to allow drivers to adapt the technology and the right of industry to profit from the technology. Some may both support auto industry‘s right to profit with the technology while also making it a crime to use it.

On the other hand will be those hapless drivers who thought the technology was safe and legal. It was all built right into the dashboard for goodness sake? It will be those same hapless drivers who at best are charged criminally for their behavior and at worst endanger their own lives and the lives of others as they twitter their way down the road.