Innocence Project Needs Your Support

DNA testing has resulted in the exoneration of 266 innocent people in the United States. Among these were included 17 who were on death row.

Many more remain behind bars today, wrongfully convicted. Nobody knows the true scope of the problem. Nobody knows how many innocent men and women remain in prison.

More disturbing, nobody knows how many more will be wrongfully convicted this week, this month or this year based upon flawed and unreliable forensic science or eyewitness misidentification. These are in fact more common than the more publicized DNA cases.

The Innocence Project provides pro-bono post-conviction legal assistance to individuals that are seeking to prove their innocence with DNA testing. Just as importantly, the Innocence Project works tirelessly for reforms needed to protect innocent Americans from wrongful prosecution, conviction and incarceration. Take a look at their stories. Some look remarkably familiar, a neighbor, a friend, a family member.

With your support, the Innocence Project is fighting to overturn wrongful convictions and enacting reforms to lessen the risks of wrongful convictions in the future.
To continue their work, they rely on donor funding. Make a Contribution now, even if it is only $10.00. Each contribution, no matter how small, is step toward a more fair and just criminal justice system.

I hope you will be as generous as possible. Your commitment to justice means everything to the innocent men and women who have been wrongfully convicted. it means everything to their families left behind. It means everything to the next innocent man or woman who will suffer a similar fate if we do not insist on better from our criminal justice system. And a better criminal justice system needs the Innocence Project.

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