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Other Than Honorable Discharges

Soldiers far too often suffer injustice even before they get out.  There has been a long standing problem of discharging soldiers on other than honorable terms (OTH) for conduct related to mental illness related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

These discharges quite literally sentence a soldier who have as often as not served heroically to a lifetime of unemployment, poverty and too often death.  For these men and women, they are disqualified from the VA benefits they deserve including medical treatment for the PTSD and TBI injuries that led to the conduct on which the OTH discharge was based.

Veteran Administration Neglect and Abuse

The abuse and neglect at the hands of the VA is hardly subtle.  It seems it is hard to read the news without coming across some atrocity at the VA whether it through the VA disability claims process or VA medical care.


There really is no end to the injustices suffered at the hands of the VA.  The veterans suffer while despite the clear presence of wrongdoing of VA bureaucrats, these VA folks have little to no accountability.

Mission of Veterans Justice Blog

The mission here is to not just shine a spotlight on the problem as is amply done by the media but to provide possible solutions toward fair and just treatment.

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