What not to do at a custody exchange FB

There are a number of things you should not do during a child custody exchange. Doing these things will often lead to conflict. Conflict leads to court. Worst of all, conflict during these exchanges is the last thing children need. They are already dealing with the divorce and disintegration of their families and their home lives as they know it.

Throwing fuel on the situation is really inexcusable. This is how the judge will see it as well. So if you absolutely cannot behave at the child custody exchange, be prepared for the consequences in court including possible supervised visits, visits from the sheriff, contempt, fines … and ultimately loss of time-sharing if it cannot be fixed otherwise.

The courts in New Mexico and presumably all other family law courts look to the best interests of the child in custody and time-sharing arrangements. Stressing the children or worse putting them in physical or psychological peril at an exchange is clearly not in the best interests of the child.

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