Several Areas Where Hospital Errors Most Common

Estimates as high as 400,000 deaths per year from preventable medical error.
Preventable medical errors are far more common than we would like to believe. It is estimated that they kill up to 400,000 patients each year and injure millions more. There are a number of areas of hospital care where they are most likely to occur such as medication errors and hospital acquired infections.

Many Errors Identified as “Never Events” In Fact Occur Far Too Often..

Others occur far too often but at a lesser frequency. Many of these have been identified as “never events” meaning they should never happen. Others have been targeted by Medicare for non-payment.

Not every bad outcome is medical malpractice, but many are and the patient/family deserve to know.
Not every mistake is medical malpractice. Not every bad outcome is avoidable. However, when a preventable medical error occurs and the patient is harmed or killed, the patient and/or the family deserve to know what happened.

An Experienced Attorney Is Generally Necessary to Get Answers

Unfortunately, hospitals and other medical providers are not always completely forthcoming in providing those answers. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can help.

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