Educating Yourself on Your Criminal Case

In addition to the information on our website, there are many other issues that may come up in the defense of criminal charges.  The issues, complexities and complications vary from case to case.  Each criminal case whether it is simple misdemeanor or a serious felony requires individual attention, investigation and evaluation.   Even a minor misdemeanor charge can be very stressful.  Every case is huge if it is your own.

It is important to get started early in the defense of criminal charges.  Delay can severely jeopardize your defense.  In cases of felony charges, if at all possible, it is important to get started even before the grand jury.  There may be possibilities for avoiding indictment and formal felony charges.  In fact, there are a few occasions where a case may be resolved in the investigative state before it is even transferred to the office of the prosecutor.

In all criminal cases but especially those involving felony charges, you should contact an experienced New Mexico criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  Selecting a criminal defense attorney is an important decision.  This step alone can be stressful.  Collins & Collins, P.C. offers a free initial case review help with this important decision.

In the meantime and throughout your case, you should learn as much about your charges and New Mexico criminal law, processes and procedure as possible.  Knowledge of the law and the possible penalties should greatly reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the charges against you.  To assist you, Collins & Collins has created a New Mexico criminal defense blog to provide as much timely information on New Mexico criminal law and procedure as we can.  We hope that the information is helpful to you.

Though we provide as much as information as possible, criminal law and procedure covers vast ground.   There are a number of other resources for learning about criminal defense, criminal law, and criminal procedure including Justia and the Cornell Legal Information Institute to name just a couple. These resources provide enormous information on criminal processes, penalties and procedures.  You are encouraged to educate yourself on your defense. We at Collins & Collins, P.C. believe education is good for our clients, and in the end, and educated client is good for us.