Highway accidents are the leading cause of fatalties for oil and gas workers

Recovery for Injuries to Oil and Gas Workers Often Limited to Workers Comp

The oilfield is a dangerous place for works. Accidents in the oilfield are often catastrophic or deadly in nature. Many times these covered by the New Mexico Workers Compensation Act which means an injured worker or surviving loved ones are limited to pittance allowed under the Act. As a rule, no personal injury or wrongful death tort actions are allowed.

Trucking Accidents Often Invoke Other Insurance Coverage

In the case of trucking accidents, which account for the majority of injuries to oil & gas workers, this is not the case. There are often ways around the limits under the Act. These related to insurance coverage from often a variety of sources.

Insurance Sources

There are a number of possible sources of insurance coverage:

1. The other driver’s liability insurance.
2. Where the other driver had little or no insurance, the employer’s underinsured coverage where it has not been waived.
3. The injured workers underinsured coverage.

There may be other coverage as well.

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

With these types of accidents and injuries, the only way to full and fair compensation is through insurance above and beyond Workers Comp Insurance.

It is essential that you identify each and every possible policy that might provide coverage. Workers Comp is horribly inadequate for serious or deadly injuries. Avoiding financial ruin often lies entirely on other sources of recovery.

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