Alysan Boothe Collins – Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney

Alysan Boothe Collins, Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney

Alysan Boothe Collins has been with the Albuquerque law firm of Collins & Collins, P.C. since 2003. She came to the firm with extensive civil litigation experience. Her civil litigation and trial experience were primarily in the area of personal injury law as a defense attorney with a distinguished insurance defense law firm.

Since joining Collins & Collins, P.C., Alysan has dedicated her practice to helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death. Her extensive litigation experience on the defense side has proven very beneficial to Alysan’s clients.

Alysan’s personal injury practice is predominantly in the area of auto accidents, medical malpractice and premises liability claims. She has a very strong track record of success in obtaining full and fair compensation for her clients.

Alysan has built a solid reputation in the personal injury legal community. Because of the respect and trust that she has earned from lawyers on both sides of the aisle, plaintiff and defendant, Alysan is regularly called upon by attorneys and judges to act a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death claims involving children.

Alysan steps in to make sure that the children’s rights are fully protected and their best interests are served in any personal injury or wrongful death claims in which they have a stake, as a victim or otherwise as a beneficiary of the proceeds from a personal injury settlement.

Alysan enjoys her work on behalf of victims of personal injury and wrongful death. Likewise, she really enjoys her GAL work on a number of levels and appreciates the trust and confidence that the lawyers and courts place in protecting the rights of children in often difficult situations. She is a committed and passionate advocate for those in need and her clients are very appreciative of efforts.

Alysan can be reached online through her Collins & Collins, P.C. page or by phone at (505) 242-5958.

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