Hospital Acquired Pressure Sores Should Never Occur – They are Never Events!

Because of the rampant nature of preventable medical error in hospitals, the National Quality Form issued a list of “Never Events”. Medicare followed suit with a list of medical errors for which there would be no compensation for complications and follow up treatment. Both lists are very instructive for patients and families.

Never Events are highly suggestive of medical malpractice.
In the event of a Never Event, medical malpractice is highly likely to be found. There are few exceptions. A Never Event basically presumes medical malpractice.

Hospital acquired bedsores or pressure sores are on both the National Quality Forum’s list as well as Medicare’s. There are 4 stages of pressure sores. Stage 3 or 4 pressure sores are inexcusable.

Deadlines apply including a very short 90 day deadline on governmental claims.
In the event of stage 3 or 4 sores, it is very important to seek legal guidance right away. There are a number of important deadliness in medical malpractice cases. In case of governmental medical providers such as state, local and county clinics as well as University Hospitals, the first deadline runs in only 90 days. It is extremely important to understand and abide by the deadlines.

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