Case Review & Evaluation Process

The first step in the case review and evaluation process is the free initial case review.  The initial case review consists of an attorney review of the information that you provide to our firm via the contact form, email or phone.  At least one of our attorneys will review the information that is provided during this initial intake and screening process.  The objective is to determine whether our firm will be able to help you with your legal matter.  In the event, in our sole discretion, that we do not feel that we can help with your case, we will notify you promptly of our decision.

If the free initial case review of the preliminary information that you have provided suggests that we can assist you with your legal needs, then the case will go to the next stage of the case evaluation process.  Each practice area has its own case evaluation procedure.  The goal with each is to determine how we may best serve you.

Some of our practice areas are more conducive to a quick evaluation than others.  The personal injury, auto accident, criminal, DWI, divorce and family law case evaluations can typically be done very quickly in the absence of exceptional circumstances.

Falling somewhere in between in terms of attorney time is the evaluation of medical malpractice claims.  Medical malpractice claims often require a fair amount of attorney time to evaluate.  In addition, due to the complex medical issues that are typically presented, the evaluation of medical malpractice claims will often require an expert opinion from a medical professional before proceeding with a claim.  This can not only be expensive but take a considerable amount of time.

We have outlined as fully and completely as possible the procedures and criteria for case evaluation in each of our practice areas.  If you are concerned about the process and possible costs, please review your area of interest.  We hope that you can then make informed decisions each step of the way in your case.

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