Think Twice Before Signing a Release of Claims in a Personal Injury Case

The best advice on signing a release of claims is to think twice before signing a release of claims before leaving a business where you have been hurt in a Slip and Fall Claims in a Business. Then don’t sign it.

Many Businesses Will Try to Get You to Sign Before Leaving

Businesses will often try to get you to sign a release of claims for a trivial payment before you leave. They do this knowing full well that many times people may have suffered very serious injuries but are suffering a some shock and embarrassment from the accident.

The business will then try to offer a very low offer while dismissing the seriousness of the claim or its responsibility.

Any Offer at the Scene of the Accident is Most Assuredly a Very Low Offer

It is simple common sense that will tell you that a business offering a settlement without knowing the injuries or liability is expecting a substantial amount of both.

Businesses and insurance companies are not in the business of providing gifts to customers. That is simply not a sound business model. The business is looking after itself, not you. You alone can do that.

Collins & Collins, P.C. is an Albuquerque based personal injury and wrongful death law firm. We have handled many slip and fall claims including some significant recoveries in cases where folks were offered very small settlements before leaving the business.

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