When Should I Use An Education Attorney?


Long term PI attorney. Has helped many children in these cases.


Guardian ad Litem, court appointed to hundreds of cases to protect the rides of minors who have suffered injury


Has a softspot for helping children especially those suffering disabilities of any kind, including learning disabilities.

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    Albuquerque Attorneys, Collins & Collins, P.C.,  focus their practice on personal injury, special education, medical malpracticecivil rights, and wrongful death. The firm handles personal injury claims throughout the State of New Mexico. We handle a variety of personal injury lawsuits throughout the state in New Mexico State and Federal Courts.  We represent only injured plaintiffs.  We do not take personal injury defense cases or clients. If you have legal issues in any of the areas in which we practice, we offer a free initial case review.  Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you need legal services in one of our practice areas.

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    Alysan Boothe Collins, Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney

    Alysan Boothe Collins

    Albuquerque attorney, Alysan Boothe Collins, has been practicing law since 1992 following her graduation from Duke University School of Law. She has spent her entire career in New Mexico with most of her career devoted to personal injury and wrongful death law.

    Since joining Collins & Collins, P.C in 2003, Alysan’s practice has been strictly limited to helping victims in their struggles for fair and just compensation.

    Helping Victims and Families in Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Matters

    Alysan gained much of her experience in New Mexico personal injury insurance defense before joining Collins & Collins, P.C., in 2003.  Her experience with New Mexico personal injury law on the insurance defense side of the practice has proved extremely valuable to her many Albuquerque personal injury clients.

    Over the years, Alysan has expanded her practice to include New Mexico personal injury clients across the State of New Mexcio.  Alysan‘s clients represent personal injury and accident victims throughout New Mexico. Her personal injury and wrongful death clients include victims and families harmed by:

    • Medical malpractice,
    • Automobile accidents,
    • Truck accidents,
    • Premises liability (slip & fall accidents)
    • Nursing home neglect & abuse

    Guardian Ad Litem for the Protection of Injured Children

    Alysan is often appointed as Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in accidents involving children.  As GAL, Alysan represents the child‘s interest in the personal injury settlement.  New Mexico courts, like most states, are extremely protective of children in these settings.

    The GAL is appointed to insure that the interests of the child are being served.  This means that the settlement is both fair, and just as importantly, that all settlement proceeds are used for the benefit of the child.  Collins & Collins and Alysan are proud to represent child personal injury and accident clients on behalf of the courts across New Mexico.

    Privileged to Serve the People of New Mexico in Time of Need

    It is privilege to serve New Mexico personal injury and wrongful death victims and families who often find themselves at the mercy of insurance companies in the moment of their greatest need.

    Alysan with her expansive experience in the area of New Mexico personal injury and wrongful death law is uniquely suited to serve these clients.