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Serious and Firm Deadlines Apply!

There are some very important deadlines in personal injury cases that must not be missed. Missing a deadline can completely bar your right to full and fair compensation. What’s more is that there are different deadlines that apply to different kinds of defendants (negligent person or entity, different kinds of plaintiffs (injured person) and different types of claims.

Types of Defendants

Below is a list of possible deadlines. Keep in mind that deadlines can be exceedingly complicated and sometimes difficult to determine. It is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney at your side.

Private individuals and entities have a 3 year statute of limitations.

State, Local and County governmental entities have a 2 year statute of limitations. They also have a 90 Tort Claims Notice deadline which is the one that is most problematic.

Federal Governmental Entities have a 2 year statute of limitations under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Free health clinics under the Affordable Care Act follow the 2 year statute of limitations under the Federal Tort Claims Act..

Types of Claims

The type of claim can also determine the deadlines and types of deadlines. These are pretty complex and require special attention from an attorney. Suffice it to say that a simple auto accident differs greatly from a medical malpractice claim.

Types of Plaintiffs

This is pretty straightforward in theory. Children and incapacitated adults get extensions of deadlines that a typical adult would not.

However, the extensions depend on the type of defendant and the type of claim.

Seek Legal Guidance

These deadlines can be quite complicated to figure out. It is very important that you understand and follow them.

The Albuquerque attorneys at Collins & Collins, P.C. can be reached at (505) 242-5958.