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Paternity Testing Basics in New Mexico

May 31, 2012, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

Establishing paternity has several important legal consequences. However, before paternity can be legally established, a party alleging paternity must have reliable evidence to present to the court. In the past, paternity could be difficult to determine and courts were often forced to rely on testimony or other anecdotal evidence in order to do so. However, […]


Allowable Expense Under New Mexico Child Support Guidelines

April 26, 2011, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

In New Mexico, parents are held financially responsible for providing for the care of their children‘s needs. As such, the issue of child support is governed by mandatory state guidelines under the New Mexico Child Support Guidelines These guidelines include a formula based on a number of factors that help ensure children involved in either […]


Unmarried Fathers: Paternity, Child Custody and Time-Sharing

April 7, 2011, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

It is the preference of New Mexico courts that both parents participate in the lives of their children. This participation can become complicated when unmarried parents are involved, particularly when disagreements arise or an unmarried father is being denied access to his child. Under New Mexico law, a child born to married parents is presumed […]


Estrangement via Parental Alienation

September 21, 2010, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

Co-parenting is never easy, whether you are involved in a child custody dispute as part of a divorce in New Mexico or a paternity action somewhere across the country; the issues are often the same. Unfortunately, when custody disputes get really heated parental alienation can occur. Although parental alienation is a broad and controversial topic, […]


Child Support for Sperm Donors?

June 9, 2010, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

During the past few decades, there have been numerous advances in medical research regarding fertility. These advances are often a blessing for people who have been unable to have children, but they can also create complications for the family law courts. For example, can sperm donors be required to pay child support for the children […]


Retroactive Child Support in New Mexico Paternity Actions

May 4, 2010, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

In New Mexico, the district court retains jurisdiction over child support until the child is 18 and can continue past the age of 18 if the child is still in high school. The child support statute also allows either party to petition the court for a modification of child support when a change of circumstances […]


Proving or Disproving Paternity in New Mexico

November 21, 2009, by Collins & Collins, P.C.

When a child is born in New Mexico during a marriage, or within 300 days of the dissolution of a marriage, the law in New Mexico will presume that the child is the child of the parties to the marriage. When a child is born outside of a marriage, the law only presumes that the […]



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