Civil Rights

Civil rights and liberties cover a lot of ground. Collins & Collins, P.C. focuses on claims arising under §1983 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Civil rights law is critically important to the protection of the rights and freedoms of individuals. Title VII governs the conduct of employers while §1983 governs the conduct of jails, prisons and police along with all the private contractors along the way. Title VII and §1983 are remarkably intertwined for good and for bad.

Not only are Title VII and §1983 closely related, the two overlap, integrate and many times dictate the progress of many different areas of law. Moreover, most every important civil rights case coming out of the courts will send ripples throughout the legal system.

Even one case involving one individual’s civil and constitutional rights can send shockwaves that go far beyond that case. The waves can affect the rights of many different groups along with the individuals within them, conservative and liberal, men and women, ethnic, nationality, religious and political.

The denial of the civil rights of one puts at risk the civil rights of all. It is not always easy for folks to draw the connections. Drawing connections inevitably falls on those seeking to protect those rights such as activists and the media. In the end, however, real and lasting progress comes only from hard work in the courts one case at a time.

As 2016 has taught us the work is far from over. Much of the progress we all took for granted was illusory. What 2016 also taught us is that the work is never done. It is a slow and grueling slog through the swamps of racism, sexism, misogamy, xenophobia … long driven by fear and hate. 2016 was a wake-up call to us all that the time is now for action to preserve and advance the progress of civil rights made inch by inch over the life of our nation.

We do what we can at Collins & Collins, P.C. to protect these rights not just for our clients but by extension for the next victim of misconduct. We can be reached in Albuquerque at (505) 242-5958.

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