Common Birth Injuries May Result from Medical Malpractice

There a many forms of birth injuries. Some are far more common than others. Most do not rise to the level of medical malpractice which is a very high bar to clear for injured patients. However, there some very serious birth serious that do result from inexcusable negligence giving rise to a medical malpractice claims against the medical providers.

Birth injuries are tragic, devastating and life altering like few other incidents of medical malpractice. Very serious birth injuries not only result in lifetime harm and debilitating conditions and illnesses, they will change the path of the entire family, immediate and extended.

The emotional and physical toll on the family is just the beginning. Serious birth injuries will involve a lifetime of very expensive medical care. Again, many birth injuries are not do not rise to the level of medical malpractice but where a child is seriously harmed, but when it is, the negligent medical providers should be held accountable. After all, an innocent child and family should not be forced to bear the costs of a medical provider’s negligence.

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