FAQ’s – Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you probably have many questions.  The criminal justice system can be quite intimidating and confusing to most.  Though it cannot alleviate all the stress and anxiety of the situation, knowing what to expect and how the system works can provide some level of comfort.

This section deals with more generalized but frequently asked questions related to criminal charges.  These questions typically apply to a wide range of charges from misdemeanor to felony charges.  We have also attempted to provide more specific FAQ sections for various types of charges as well as other more specific areas of the criminal justice process.

For instance, we have separate sections for the following:

We will adding more FAQ sections in the coming months.  If you do not find a helpful discussion here, you might find information that is more relevant to your situation on one of the other sections or at our New Mexico Criminal Law Blog.

Please keep in mind that these FAQ sections are simply generalized discussions of the topics addressed.  They cannot fully address individualized situations.  Nor should they be relied upon as legal advice.

Criminal cases are complex.  They require the guidance of an experienced criminal law attorney.  This is reflected in the 6th Amendment Right to Counsel under the United States Constitution.  It also explains the existence of the right to a free attorney if you cannot afford one through the Public Defender.

In short, if you are faced with criminal charges, contact an attorney immediately.  If you cannot afford a private attorney, there are many highly experienced and capable attorneys in the New Mexico Public Defenders Office.

Having said all that, we hope these pages do provide some helpful information and most of all we wish you the best in what is no doubt a very difficult time.